Peas and

In Nisco we focus on the production of pea solutions.

We have 100% natural pea ingredients, but also products for customers who do not require 100% natural and where other ingredients are added for functionality or similar.

Our extruded and texturized pea products are of course BRC-, Halal- and Kosher certified.

The reasons for the choice of pea is that, like other pulses peas (Pisum Sativum) play an important role in healthy nutrition and environmental sustainability. Peas are rich in high biological value protein, dietary fiber, medium-low glycemic starch and a number of essential minerals and vitamins.

Moreover peas are important drivers for fertilizing the soil and are used in crop rotation as part of integrated farming practices.

Peas have a low carbon footprint, and pea crops require less water than animal protein sources and soybeans.

Peas have been part of the human diet for thousands of years but now the focus and demand for plant-based food ingredients is steadily increasing.

In a protein deficient world where there is a growing need for healthy and sustainable food ingredients, the importance of peas as a sustainable crop has grown larger than ever.